Kornia 0.6 — High Level Computer Vision for AI

Kornia v0.6

Image Registration

Sequence of narrow Depth-Of-Field macro photos of the bee are registered with kornia ImageRegistrator. Then their sharp parts are merged together to obtain whole bee in focus.

Homography Tracking

Book position is tracked with HomographyTracker and the GIF is placed on top of it.

Image Matching

Image correspondences found by LoFTR

Image Stitching

Input images for the panorama, source: https://github.com/daeyun/Image-Stitching
Panorama created with kornia ImageStitcher.


Image Augmentation

Images augmented with PatchSequential module.


Next steps

  • Optimize and speed-up existing algorithms like Homography tracker, RANSAC, connected components and many others.
  • Adding new features in terms of high-level algorithms, which can be plugged in user applications off-the-shelf.
  • Expand the functionality of existing image matching, tracking and structure-from-motion modules.
  • Work towards a Camera API.

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Computer Vision researcher and consultant. Co-founder of Ukrainian Research group “Szkocka”.

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Dmytro Mishkin

Dmytro Mishkin

Computer Vision researcher and consultant. Co-founder of Ukrainian Research group “Szkocka”.

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